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Pack your bags, plan your trip and live your break even longer with KitKat. Get inspired for your next adventure here!

Tobias Tarsaranta


Woman leaning against a wall with a colourful painted murial that reads 'Fake it til you make it'

Alex Hayward


A woman swims underwater in scuba gear through a school of colourful and patterned fish

Carrie Ly


A box of KitKat chocolates is nestled amongst a tabletop of several delicious looking Italian salad dishes

Ugo Galelli


A lone figure stands atop a hill, overlooking the underlating hills in the distance with blue skies above

Katrina Stewart


A woman sits in the courtyard of colourful high-density residential apartments and looks towards the unseen sky

Suzanne Wong


A woman wearing thick skiing clothing and full-face glasses poses upright upon a stationary snowmobile in the midst of the frozen wilderness

Gemma Baker


An athletic man leaps in to a deep blue swimming pool while a female leans back and watches. In the near background is light blue ocean with wooden walkway leading to a seaplane

Michelle Mazzone


A woman in the foreground poses in front of the Taipei 101 skyscraper, which looms over the city of Taipei, Taiwan

Megan McCoig


A woman stands in a forest surrounded by multiple straight-trunk trees while looking towards the canopy

Bonnie Roche