About Us

We are happy to share with you… !

Nestlé International Travel Retail (NITR) is part of Nestlé SA. This stand alone business was created in January 1999,  with a central office based in Switzerland complemented with Regional Business Managers based in different regions of the world.

Bring excitement to all travellers willing to discover new things …

This is the mission NITR is mandated for.
With more and more people traveling around the globe, with a transformed airport environment including more and more shopping opportunities and less services onboard, NITR offers, through the great Nestlé brands, a great experience within duty free areas. Not only in airports, but also in border stores, ferries etc.

What we mean by great experience is: exclusive products, exclusive events... Indeed something you'll never see in the normal retail environment and that will be the start of your travel. Because when traveling, you don't want to shop as usual and get back into your habits... you want to be an explorer...