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A man wearing hiking gear sits on the rocky, grass covered mountain top overlooking a low lake to his left, which is being fed via a waterfall by a slightly higher lake to his right

Tobias Tarsaranta


Vidden Trails

We were visiting Bergen, a beautiful city full of life and cozy cafes. But it’s also one of the rainiest cities in the world, so before going for a hike, pack a rain jacket! The hike we did is called Vidden, which starts from Mt. Floyen. Once you get to the summit, you start trekking across the mountains towards Mt. Ulriken, where this photo was taken.

The day of our hike was super rainy and we were sure the clouds weren't going away. But as we started our journey across the mountains, the rain started to ease, eventually clearing up nicely. This gave us some incredible views!