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Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

We commit that 100% of our packaging is recyclable or
reusable by 2025, and we will reduce the use of virgin
plastics by one third by 2025.

We are proud of what we have achieved with

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Global confectionery brand

Global confectionery brand worldwide to switch to recyclable paper packaging.

Sustainability Hero


  • 1st confectionery brand to achieve a 5* Travel Retail Sustainable Hero Status
  • Smarties will be removing approximately 250 million plastic packs annually
  • Leading to around 400 metric tonnes of plastic packaging saved
  • All while ensuring high barrier properties and quality standards
  • The new paper packaging is sourced sustainably and is made of a coated paper, paper labels or carton board. More information can be found on the label

Today, about 87% of our total packaging by weight and 66% of our total plastic packaging is already recyclable or reusable; by 2025, all of it will be.

The company also opened the doors to the Nestlé Institute of Packaging Sciences — a first-of-its-kind facility in the industry — dedicated to creating a strong pipeline of sustainable packaging solutions. The 50-person facility functions in close partnership with Nestlé’s global research & development network of 180 packaging experts worldwide. Through the facility, Nestlé aims to build a vibrant ecosystem for packaging innovation working with startups, suppliers and other research institutions.