Nestlé Chocolate

Every Nestlé brand has a great story behind ! 

Go back in the past and discover where our brands come from... and how they take a big part in the worldwide chocolate history...


NESTLE SWISS is simply traditional chocolate at its very best, with a heritage that goes back to 1875 when Henri Nestlé together with friend and chocolate-maker Daniel Peter produced the world's first milk chocolate. Since then, the craftsmen at Nestlé have continued to perfect the art of chocolate-making, using simple pure ingredients, including wholesome Swiss milk. The Nestlé Swiss brand carries on that tradition. It is chocolate in its most natural form: simple, authentic and delicious.

Did you know that when it was first introduced back in 1935, KIT KAT was called Chocolate Crisp • an accurate description but not very exciting! Shortly afterwards the name was changed to KIT KAT after the KITKAT Club • an 18th Century Whig Literary club, so called because it could only display wide paintings known as ‘kitkats’, whose tops were snapped off to fit the clubs low ceilings.
With its vibrant red pack, delicious taste, crispy texture and unique personality, KIT KAT has become a worldwide best seller with over 13 billion fingers sold worldwide every year. Since the original two and four finger milk chocolate bars, there have been various additions including the highly popular Chunky plus flavours including dark, white, orange, peanut butter and caramel, plus Minis and Pop Choc.

All our wonderful brands have something special to say

Did you know that Nestlé SMARTIES have been manufactured since at least 1882, originally by H.I. Rowntree & Co and were originally called "Chocolate Beans"? The product was renamed "Smarties Chocolate Beans" in 1937, with "chocolate beans" dropped in 1977. Originally SMARTIES were sold in a cylindrical tube, but this was changed to the current hexagonal design in 2005. Smarties contain no artificial colours; for a while this meant the much loved Blue SMARTIES had to be removed but they returned • artificial colour free • in 2008.