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A woman in a billowing full length dress and wearing a floral crown smiles for the camera as she stands atop an old, rusty, abondoned pickup truck that has been semi-consumed by the desert sands. In the distance we see rocky outshoots rising from the sand to form a dramatic cliff backdrop

Ashleigh Lawrence


Relics of the Past

This photo is taken in Jordan in Wadi Rum desert. We were on a desert jeep safari, visiting remote locations. The Wadi Rum desert landscape is unique and if someone spun me around and dropped me off there and told me I was on Mars, it wouldn't be difficult to believe them.

On our journey, we came across this abandoned truck in the desert and as it was just me, my friend and our guide, we decided that it was very surreal and worth a photo. For anyone in the Wadi Rum, you can stay at a local Bedouin camp. Not only will you get to experience how the locals live, their culture and their food, you will also be supporting them and their family. Also, don't forget to visit Petra! One of the seven wonders of the world, and one of my favorite travel experiences.